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Building Dreams: 360 Builders' Expertise in Custom Construction in Los Angeles

360Builders is a full-service construction firm offering various residential and commercial construction services in Los Angeles and nearby areas. We are dedicated to providing perfectly matched services as a one-stop-shop, that will help you choose the right type of ADU or home for your unique needs on your specific property. We also specialize in constructing large-scale homes up to 5000 sqft, and have completed over 500 soft story projects around town.


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Los Angeles ADU Construction Experts

As a prominent ADU builder in Los Angeles, 360 Builders specializes in delivering high-quality, affordable ADU solutions. We adeptly handle the intricacies of ADU guidelines, costs, and design requirements in Los Angeles and Southern California. Whether it’s understanding the cost to build an ADU in California or adhering to specific Los Angeles ADU size and kitchen requirements, our team ensures compliance and efficiency. Trust us for your ADU construction needs – your ideal partner for building ADUs in Los Angeles.





Design and Build Contractors

To achieve the look of the property you want to build under our Design & Build program, you can work directly with our architect and design partners after we have all the budget, lifestyle, objectives, and aesthetics laid out. With you working directly with our expert designers at 360Builders, it will help shorten the project’s timeline and we will be able to provide efficient, cost effective, and fair service to you as our client.

design and build contractors near me

Affordable Home Remodeling

Transforming your home shouldn’t be a distant dream. With our affordable financing, you can remodel your space without the stress of hefty upfront costs or overwhelming payments. It’s all about getting the home you desire, on terms that you can comfortably manage.

Crafting Your Dream Home

Crafting Your Dream Home

Dive into our approach to creating exceptional single family homes in Los Angeles. Click to embark on a journey through our unique process, expertise, and dedication to quality on our Single Family Home Showcase.
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Building Communities with Multifamily Homes

Building Communities with Multifamily Homes

Learn about our innovative approaches to multifamily home construction in Los Angeles. Click to explore our portfolio, services, and vision for community development on our Multifamily Home Gallery.
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Transforming spaces, enriching lives - ADU CONTRACTORS, building the future.

Elevate your dreams with our ADU CONTRACTORS, where blueprints come to life.

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Discover the Craftsmanship and Innovation in Our Completed Works.

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Excellence at Every Foundation: Our Passion for Uncompromising Quality

All-Inclusive Pricing

At 360 Builders, we provide a comprehensive price quote that covers every aspect of your custom home project, including design, planning, site preparation, and all construction costs. Whether you're looking to build a single-family home, multifamily dwelling, or a stylish ADU, our pricing starts at an affordable $100,000. Experience transparent and all-encompassing pricing with us.
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Streamlind Process

Our approach at 360 Builders simplifies the entire journey of creating your dream home. From the initial decision-making to the final construction stage, we ensure a seamless process. You will receive detailed information about your design, cost, and timeline upfront. Stay informed and relaxed as we handle every step efficiently.
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Quick Timeline

Understanding the importance of time, 360 Builders specializes in expediting the design and construction process. For most projects, including custom homes and ADUs, our timeline ranges from a swift 6–8 months from initial contact to completion. For garage conversions and smaller projects, we can achieve completion in as little as 3 months.
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Peace of Mind

With 360 Builders, say goodbye to the stress and hassle typically associated with construction projects. Our streamlined approach eliminates the need for you to engage multiple professionals like architects, designers, and contractors. Choose your preferred floor plan and architectural style, and let us manage everything else, ensuring peace of mind throughout the process.
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Financing Solutions

We at 360 Builders recognize the crucial role of financing in home building projects. Therefore, we offer a variety of financing options to accommodate your specific needs. Whether it’s for a single-family home, multifamily residence, or an ADU, our team will assist you in exploring government grants, private loans, and other tailored financing solutions. With our support, financial concerns won't hinder your journey to constructing your ideal home.
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