Multi-Family Homes

New Multi-Family Home Construction

As a full service construction firm offering different residential and commercial construction services in Los Angeles and nearby areas, 360Builders has developed expertise in building Accessory Dwelling Units for multi-family buildings.

An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a secondary space that has complete living facilities and can cater to one or more members of the family. By investing in ADUs, you can expand your living space up to 1200 sq.ft. 


You might know of ADUs in the form of different namesakes: secondary dwelling unit, backyard cottage, backyard guesthouse, laneway home, sidekick home, mother-in-law apartment, in-law unit, in-law cottage, or granny flat. Whichever of these are familiar to you, they are all pertaining to the innovative yet affordable solution in creating an additional space in your home which is the ADU.


ADUs are considered affordable as compared to normal real estate as they do not need to spend additional expenses on land, structured parking, and elevators. Furthermore, ADUs can become the homeowners’ additional income stream by renting the space out.


Just recently in January 2020, the ADU Law for Multi-Family Buildings, allowing units to be added as ADUs and Junior ADUS (JADUs) to be built without applying for any local development standards, was launched. This new law applies to all the cities in the state of California.

Architectural Plans for ADUs

Just like in any building phase though, the first step to building an ADU is coming up with an architectural plan. At 360Builders, we can easily connect you with our partners in the architecture industry near your area. Their specialty in different architectural styles will give you confidence that they will be able to realize the design you have in mind and provide an Architectural Permit for it.

Engineering Services for ADUs

If you need engineering services for your ADU, we definitely got your back. Our skilled engineers can help you make sure the details of your ADU plan are iron-clad and safe. After that, we will be on your side throughout the entire ADU construction process to make sure that all of the aspects go according to your plan.