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ADU Contractors in Calabasas

ADU Design and Construction is a company that provides ADU design and construction services in Calabasas. Our team of professionals will work with you to design, build, and market your ADU. We provide a bespoke service for clients who require something that is specific to their needs. Whatever you desire, we have the knowledge and experience to bring your ideas into reality. You will be supported from start to finish by our team of experts in the field of building ADUs.

We do work for you so that you can earn & save more money.

360builders offers you the option to transform your garage or backyard into a home. Our homes are more than just a place to live – they also provide monthly passive income and increased property value. We do all of the heavy lifting and finish all of the work in less than a month. Let us take care of everything, so you can focus on living life!


Importance of ADU in Calabasas

360builders offers reliable and cost-effective ADU construction services in Calabasas. Whether you’re looking to build an ADU for use by family members or staff or to create rental income for your property, our team will get the job done right. You’ll also benefit from our long-term relationship with home builders and banks so you don’t have to worry about the headache of getting a permit.

 360builders is here to help you design your new ADU project! Our team of professionals can handle everything from initial design through final installation, ensuring your project stays on time and on budget. We also offer free consultations and estimates so be sure to contact us today!

Other Names For Accessory Dwelling Unit (Adu)

In-Law Unit, Mother-In-Law Unit, In-Law Apartment, Secondary Dwelling Unit, Granny Flat

Granny Pod, Bonus Unit, Casita, Carriage Unit, Carriage House, Ohana Unit (Hawaii)


Various Types of ADU Construction & Design Program in Calabasas

Here is a different kind of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) out there:

As you know very well, ADU comes in different shapes and sizes. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the Accessory dwelling unit; it depends on your requirements.

  • Detached ADUs in Calabasas

We are 360builders, a company that has been building innovative and unique living spaces. We specialize in detached ADUs-apartment dwellings that are completely secluded from any other structure on your property.

Detached ADUs are an attractive option for families living together who want to maintain an independent lifestyle. They provide the ability to create a space that offers independence and privacy, rather than relying on the quality or conditions of the primary dwelling. This is because detached ADUs stand on their own property with their own individual construction, meaning that it can be built even if there are issues with the primary dwelling or garage.

High-quality detached ADUs are made by 360builders. We offer detached ADU construction services to transform your house into a more convenient living space. You don’t have to search for different companies that specialize in each part of the building process because we have it all! With 360 builders, you get everything you need in one space.

  • Attached ADUs in Calabasas

360Builders is a construction company that has been improving people’s lives for more than ten years. We have an ADU construction service that is a great way to add value to your home and increase your living space. Along with our ADU, we also offer financing options and amenities that will appeal to any homeowner. We have expanded our services to include other building items as well. We offer a range of options for all budgets, from basic repairs to energy-efficient homes. If you’re looking for help from contractors who are experienced in every aspect of homebuilding, 360Builders is the right team for you!

  • Interior ADUs in Calabasas

At 360builders, we design and build affordable, high-quality living spaces to suit your needs. We have a team of top-notch designers and experienced builders who can create a customized Interior ADU out of existing space in your home.

There are many benefits to our Interior accessory dwelling units:

  • Affordable price
  • The same luxuries as with brand new homes


Selecting The Right ADU Contractor In Calabasas

ADUs offer a variety of benefits. They can be rented out for long- or short-term stays, depending on your needs. Or they can serve as a space for visiting friends and family. And if you’re looking to ease the housing crisis in Calabasas, an ADU has multiple options available to homeowners who want to help their community.

You don’t have to do it alone! We are here at ADU construction-ready and willing to help you build your own rental unit so that you can generate some extra income while helping others in need! Contact us today!

360builders is a reputable ADU contractor that provides high-quality and cost-effective ADU construction services. As one of the leading contractors in the industry, we have all the licenses and permits for ADU construction.


ADU Services For Residential Or Commercial Area

  • Affordable Garage Conversions Services in Calabasas

We offer quality garage conversions services because we want our customers to be happy with the work that we do. With garage conversions, you can completely transform your garage into a different room in your house or even create an apartment space. garage conversion garage will turn your garage into a functional space you can use for many purposes.

You’ll be able to enjoy all of these garage conversion benefits when you work with us at 360builders in Calabasas on your garage conversion project!

Garage Conversion Benefits – 

  • Affordable & Cost-Effective
  • Create Extra Living Space
  • Passive Income Source
  • Family Privacy & Flexibility

Types of Garage Conversion

Here are some of the most popular converting garage options which are far from your imagination –

  • Guest room/mother-in-law unit
  • Man cave or game room
  • Home gym/weight room
  • Kids’ room/teen hang out
  • Hobby room or space for collectibles
  • Home cinema


Custom Bathroom Remodeling – Affordable & Cost-effective Bathroom Remodel in Calabasas

Bathrooms are a busy place in your house. We can bring your distinct vision to life with our creative designs and high-quality workmanship. Our experts strive for excellence, providing personalized bathroom remodeling services to our clients. Open communication between the contractor and customer is essential for us to achieve the best outcomes for your bathroom remodeling project.

360builders can help you design and build the ideal bathroom for you. With 360builders, you may have the most beautiful bathroom of your dreams! Bathroom remodel contractor provide a worry-free experience from beginning to end so that you can focus on enjoying this new area in your house.

  • Kitchen Remodeling Services in Calabasas

We understand that the heart of every home is its kitchen. That’s why we go to such lengths to ensure that each one is planned with care and attention to detail. Countertops, kitchen cabinets, appliances, the most up-to-date storage, and flooring services are all part of our kitchen renovation project. Kitchen remodeling contractors also believe in the comfort of the customer.

We provide the greatest prices for kitchen remodeling so that everyone can afford a fantastic kitchen.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in Calabasas?

We understand that the kitchen remodeling cost is essential, but it isn’t everything. You need to find kitchen remodeling experts who will listen to what you want and work within your budget.

  • Commercial Contractor in Calabasas: Construction Services Under One Roof

Are you searching for a business to construct your next project? We are the finest commercial contractors in Calabasas. Our team of skilled architects, specialists, engineers, project managers, and designers will help you realize your vision for commercial property from start to finish.

ADU Tips For Calabasas Homeowners

It’s a huge job to construct a new ADU in Calabasas. Don’t worry though, our team of 360Builders is here for you. It is not an easy process to create an accessory dwelling unit. That is why we want to assist homeowners in finding the appropriate contractor for their job. We take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything while you work with ADU contractors

To increase the possibility of getting a satisfactory ADU construction process, just follow the below-mentioned tips when connecting with a contractor:

  • Proper research
  • Get cost estimation from various contractors
  • Do not make an instant decision
  • Make a list that fulfills your need
  • Don’t pay huge upfront fees


Cost to Build an ADU in Calabasas

How much does it cost to put up an ADU in Calabasas? When we plan to create an ADU, this is the most pressing concern on our minds.

360builders simplify the work process of building an ADU by providing you with complete design service, permitting, and construction service. When you assign us to design, permit & approvals and build your ADU, ADU Builder can collaborate with the professional engineers, designers, architects, and construction team to save you time and cost.


What are the plans and permits we need to build ADU?

Do you plan to build an ADU or a granny flat? If so, you’ll need a building permit. We’ll go through the many sorts of permits and what they require in the sections below.

  • Building Permit

If you want to create an ADU or living area on your property, you’ll need a building permit from your local municipality. If you live in a city or county that has specific limitations on the size and type of ADU you may construct, such as height limits, be sure to check with your local government. Before they issue you a construction permit for your project, you must fulfill these demands.

Some Other Kinds Of Permit

  • Location

If the property is in a historic district or designated as part of a conservation area, the city may demand an extra construction permit. If that’s the case, we recommend you contact the Department of Planning and Development to see whether an extra permit is necessary.

  • Site-Specific Conditions

Permits for individual properties vary by location, and they’re typically not required for property maintenance or minor remodeling activities. Site-specific permits are necessary whenever a building’s construction will have an impact on the neighbors – if you need to build near utility easements, for example, or remove ordinance-sized or heritage trees that will require an easement permit.

  • Non-Conforming ADUs

If your proposed ADU does not meet the objective criteria of the ADU rules in your region, you will need to submit a planning application for approval.

  • Address Assignment Requests

If you’re a homeowner, there’s a good chance that jurisdictions are frequently required to submit an Address Assignment Request during the process of developing or purchasing an ADU.



If you’re searching for an ADU contractor in Calabasas, we hope you give our firm a call.  We provide low-cost and stable ADU construction services that will increase the value of your property. An ADU is a fantastic option for both maximizing your income and obtaining more room in your house. Our team of expert professionals can handle everything from planning to installation, ensuring that your project is completed on schedule and on budget. Get in touch with us right now!

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