The 9 Best Neighborhoods In Los Angeles For Investing In An ADU Rental Apartment

So, you have decided to invest in an ADU, but you don’t know where to build it. Where in Los Angeles will yield the highest rent? What neighborhoods are safe? Which places have the best views? The answers to these questions vary depending on where you want to build your ADU.

We have compiled a list of the 9 best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for investing, along with the average rent price and safety rating for each neighborhood. Below is our list. You won’t be disappointed!

To narrow the search for your ideal location, our team of professionals ADU builders has compiled a list of unique characteristics that each neighborhood offers. Factors such as crime rates, distance from transit lines and access to shopping are listed below. Take a look at the comparison table with all 9 neighborhoods:

Neighborhoods close to public transportation will be cheaper to develop in, as you won’t have to lay as much infrastructure. There are plenty of options for ADUs contractors in Los Angeles – but if you want the highest rent, look into these neighborhoods!

9. Hollywood Hills West

 This neighborhood features beautiful single-family homes on large lots with many trees and other landscaping features. The terrain is very hilly and sloped so it can be very difficult for walking and biking. The homes are not too big, so it is easy to maintain them. There are a lot of renovations going on, but the area still has a very homey feel. Since this neighborhood is located close to Hollywood it is popular with celebrities who hang out in trendy restaurants and shops around Sunset Boulevard and Abbot Kinney. This gives the area a very trendy and modern feel. The general crime rate in this neighborhood is moderate. Car break-ins are pretty common due to lack of street lighting. But overall, this is a great place for an ADU investment as there are not many other developments going on around here.

8. Eagle Rock

This neighborhood is located in Northeast Los Angeles with a population of over 35,000 residents. It has the second highest number of artist studios per capita in the city and it boasts a lot of creative, hip residents as well as a very active community council, which organizes regular clean ups and other neighborhood projects. The neighborhood is working to attract new businesses which will lead to an economic growth. You can find great restaurants and galleries as well as many studios in this lively neighborhood. The average rent price is $2,410 and the crime rate is low. Car break-ins are very rare due to good street lighting all throughout the neighborhood.

7. Toluca Lake

This affluent residential neighborhood features a lot of mid-century ranch style homes designed by famous architects such as Richard Neutra, Wallace Neff and Frank Lloyd Wright. The original developer of the neighborhood was Leon Lewis. It’s a very walkable area with a pedestrian path which crosses through the entire neighborhood, connecting it to Burbank Studios, historic main street and public transportation hubs. There are many active residents who live in this desirable place that is considered by many as one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for an ADU rental apartment.

6. Pacific Palisades

This beautiful beachfront neighborhood was named the best coastal community in the United States by Rand McNally/USA Today and as one of the top ten ocean view communities by Sunset Magazine. It features many luxurious properties owned by celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Jimmy Buffett and Tiger Woods. The scenery along Sunset Boulevard is spectacular especially during the sunset when all the colors in the sky blend perfectly together. This makes it feel like you are on a permanent vacation!

5. Hancock Park

This beautiful tree-lined neighborhood features well-maintained mansions built back in the 1920’s by Hollywood celebrities such as Cecil B. DeMille, Howard Hughes and Charlie Chaplin. This area features a very strong community spirit with a lot of activities for its residents including block parties with live music and movies in the street during summertime, holiday caroling at Christmas time and special movie nights on Tuesdays during Summer months.

4 . Elysian Valley

This historic neighborhood features a lot of well-maintained Craftsman Bungalows and classic Victorian mansions with large yards. It is known for its rich cultural diversity where you can find some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. There are many beautiful parks, community gardens, public artworks and even a skate park which make it a very nice place to live in.

3 . Sherman Oaks

This neighborhood features many unique architectural styles due to the fact that a lot of its buildings are over twenty years old, but it is also considered one of the best neighborhoods for an ADU rental apartment since there are plans for more urban density around Ventura Boulevard. There are restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores and movie theaters. It is a very safe place to live in with many active homeowner associations which organize regular neighborhood clean ups.

2 . Culver City

This neighborhood is very popular with families and young couples who are attracted by its beautiful tree-lined streets, well-maintained houses and a lot of parks. It is one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for an ADU rental apartment since it has become very active recently with new restaurants, cool clubs and a lot of apartment buildings which are being built. The area is known for its film festivals, art programs, cultural events and charming downtown with cafes, restaurants and boutiques.

1 . Atwater Village

This bohemian neighborhood features many artist studios as well as live-work lofts along the LA River. It also offers an exciting nightlife with many Mexican restaurants, cool bars and live music venues. It is known for its large number of cultural events which attract a lot of artists from around the world since it has become one of the trendiest art districts in Los Angeles. There is also a great sense of community spirit with multiple block parties during summertime and many festivals held during holidays. It is a great place to live in with many young people as well as families who are attracted by its sense of diversity and multiculturalism.

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