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Does your Los Angeles home have a little extra space that remains unused? Do you want to build a separate living room for family members in your home? If you live in the Los Angeles area and are considering adding an ADU to your Los Angeles residence, give us a call at 360 Builders.

Using a local Los Angeles ADU contractor, such as 360 Builders, helps the construction project to proceed smoothly. Local ADU contractors are familiar with all of the ins and outs of adding an accessory dwelling unit to your existing home, so talking it over with them ahead of time can help you prevent costly mistakes during the construction process. Contact our team for a free walk you through the process step by step and an estimate.

Cost-Effective ADU Designs in Los Angeles

The more complex the ADU design, the more expensive the ADU would be to build. Always keep the room where you’re building in mind when looking at the various ADU designs being offered.

Not every ADU design is suitable for every location. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all ADU permit; never pay for one until you know precisely what you’ll be using it for. Permits for ADUs differ depending on how you intend to build your room.

Using a reputable Los Angeles ADU contractor will help you save money in the long run. We give ADU designs for any type of room at 360 Builders, and we also understand how ADU permits work.

Benefits to Building a Los Angeles ADU

One of the advantages of building more ADUs in Los Angeles is that it helps alleviate the city’s current housing crisis. The California Department of Housing and Community Development recognizes that recent housing construction cannot meet demand. Studies show that less than half of the homes required to keep up with population growth have been built in the last ten years. ADUs allow for more homes to be built without the need for additional land, so no existing buildings or homes must be demolished to build.

Another advantage of ADUs is that they are frequently less expensive than apartments. Homeowners with ADUs can legally collect rent, which reduces the risk of them defaulting on their mortgage and stimulates the economy. The more California’s economy is stimulated, the more stable it will become. ADUs also increase the value of a home.

Best ADU Contractor in Los Angeles

When looking for the best ADU contractor in the Los Angeles area, you want to find someone who can complete your project to your specifications. When it comes to building ADUs, the ADU contractor should handle even the most minor job. 360 Builders, as a Los Angeles ADU Contractor, can construct your ADU to your exact specifications; no aspect of the construction process is too big or small for us to manage.

Your best ADU contractor in Los Angeles will not only have a good reputation in the community, but they will also be completely open about their certifications and licensing. You won’t have to sift through pages of documents to figure out what credentials and qualifications they have or if they’re eligible.

Why Choose 360 Builders to Design and Build Your Los Angeles ADU?

If you’re even thinking of adding a fully functional ADU to your primary residence, you can contact 360 Builders, an accomplished Los Angeles ADU contractor. It is crucial to hire an experienced ADU contractor from the start to ensure that the project is completed successfully and with minimal hiccups. ADU contractors can assist with the cost-effectiveness of the project and the city permit and approval process, as well as assembling the best team for the job, which involves recruiting an architect.

A skilled architect does more than ensure that the plans are appealing to the eye. They’re in charge of creating detailed blueprints needed to get your ADU accepted by the city. Using an ADU contractor instead of a general contractor increases the build’s risks. It can, among other things, trigger delays in the construction schedule and the denial of critical permits. Accurate blueprints give contractors the information they need to complete the job on time and budget. A skilled architect is just one member of the team here at 360 Builders, so give us a call today to start building the ADU of your dreams!

Types of ADUs Offered in Los Angeles

All ADUs, regardless of type, is essentially the same thing. An ADU, or accessory dwelling unit, is a separate living space constructed on your primary property. ADUs are intended to be independent living spaces with their own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and living areas.

  • Attached – this type of design creates a brand new “apartment” attached to the side of a building on the property.
  • Detached – this style is not attached to any building residing on the property. They are separate buildings built on the property, most often located in the backyard. The detached ADU is completely independent of the main house.
  • Converted – this style of ADU is when you take a section of the current building and change it to add a separate entry, such as a basement or garage, within your primary residence.

360Builders is a construction company specializing in residential ADUs, new construction, soft-story retrofitting, and multi-family ADUs. We pride ourselves on providing safe, cost-effective solutions to all our customers’ needs. Our team of architects and engineers work in close collaboration with each other to deliver the best possible product for every client we serve. 360Builders has grown quickly by focusing on customer satisfaction and quality of service at a reasonable price. With decades of combined experience within the architectural/construction industry, we are committed to delivering sustainable buildings that exceed expectations.

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