Conversion of a Storage Room into a Income Generating Studio in Los Angeles, CA - Your Los Angeles ADU Home Builders and General Contractors

360 Builders recently completed a project for a client who wanted to turn their storage room into a studio. The client was looking for a safe, cost-effective solution for their construction needs and we were happy to provide it.

The client’s needs were to convert their storage room into a studio for rental income and to increase the property value. They needed a custom ADU plan and we were happy to provide one.

The steps we took to solve this problem were:

-We set up an appointment with the client to discuss their needs and design the ADU plan.
-We created the custom ADU plan and sent it to the client for approval.
-We built the ADU according to the approved plan.
-We finished the project and handed over the keys to the client.

We faced several challenges during this project, but we overcame them with our team’s expertise and dedication. The challenges we faced included:

-The roof of the storage room was too low and we had to add a second floor in order for it to be an ADU.
-The location of the ADU was too close to the property line so we had to move it back.
-The client wanted the ADU to have a bedroom and we had to figure out how to make that happen.
-The client wanted the studio to have a bathroom so we had to find a way to make that happen too.

The client was very happy with the results of our work and they said they would recommend us to their friends. We hope our clients will continue to do business with us and we will continue to provide them with safe, cost-effective solutions.


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