360Builders: Crafting Comfortable and Safe Homes in Los Angeles 360Builders, a Los Angeles based construction company, shares their success story of building a custom ADU in Toluca Lake. The project was designed as a home for elderly parents and the results were more than satisfactory. /success-stories/360builders-adu-project-toluca-lake

Creating a Cozy Haven with 360Builders in Toluca Lake

At 360Builders, every project we undertake is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to excellence. Our recent project in Toluca Lake is a testament to this dedication. We took on the challenge of converting a detached structure into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), creating a comfortable and safe home for our client's elderly parents.

The Journey Begins

Our journey began with a referral from a friend of our client. They had heard about our reputation as reliable ADU contractors in Los Angeles, and they trusted us to deliver on our promise of quality and cost-effectiveness. This trust served as the foundation for our relationship with the client, setting the tone for the months ahead.

Understanding Client Needs

  • We held several meetings with the client to understand their needs and expectations.
  • We developed a custom plan for the ADU, considering factors such as safety for elderly residents and optimizing space within the 600 sqft area.
  • We ensured that all necessary permits were obtained before commencing work on the project.

Delivering Comprehensive Services

In addition to being general contractors, we offer architectural services, engineering services, and landscaping services. For this particular project, we provided comprehensive services right from design consultation to structural engineering, interior finishing work, exterior finishes, and landscaping.

The Construction Phase

  • We started with framing and rough carpentry, ensuring that the structure was sound and secure.
  • We then moved on to installing plumbing systems, electrical work, and HVAC units – all essential components of a comfortable living space.
  • The final step was adding interior finishes and exterior details that turned the structure into an inviting home.

The Final Outcome: A Happy Homeowner

The result of several months of hard work was an ADU that not only met but exceeded our client's expectations. The unit is now a comfortable, safe haven for their elderly parents – exactly what they had envisioned when they first approached us. Their satisfaction with our work is our greatest reward as Los Angeles construction specialists.

Your Trusted Partner in Construction

If you're considering building an ADU or undertaking any construction project in Los Angeles, look no further than 360Builders. We are committed to providing safe, cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today at 1-818-275-9026 or visit our website at to learn more about how we can help make your vision a reality.


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