ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, have been a popular trend in the past decade. They’re perfect for housing aging parents or relatives who need care and support close by. ADUs in Topanga CA are also great for homeowners looking to create home office space without adding on to their property. This website from 360 Builders, your ADU Contractors in Topanga, will teach you everything you need to know about ADU construction and why they’re such a great option!

The benefits of an ADU in Topanga CA:

  • Putting elderly parents nearby where they can be cared for 
  • Creating a home office without expanding your house 
  • Raising rental income with an additional tenant or rental unit 

360 Builders is the best choice when it comes to building any type of ADU in the city of Topanga because we offer a full-service approach for any type of construction project. This includes design, financing, excavation and permits, landscaping, and more! Check out our video to learn more about ADUs and why we’re a great choice for your next ADU contractor in Topanga CA.

We do it all when it comes to ADUs in Topanga CA:

  • Design 
  • Landscaping  
  • Concrete work  
  • Framing  
  • Electrical/plumbing work or permits for the job. 

We have our own team of professionals who are experienced in any type of ADU construction in Topanga CA, so you can feel confident knowing your project is being handled by professionals that know what they’re doing! 


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