ADU Construction Northridge

Located in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, Northridge is a dynamic community with a rich history and a diverse architectural landscape. Known for its high quality of life and excellent educational institutions like California State University, Northridge (CSUN), this city has much to offer residents and visitors alike.

Navigating ADU Construction in Northridge

  • Understanding Local Building Codes: Our extensive experience working within Northridge allows us to navigate local zoning laws and building codes seamlessly.
  • Designing Your ADU: We work closely with you to design an ADU that complements the existing structure and fits within the neighborhood aesthetic.
  • Cost Estimation: We provide clear, detailed estimates that consider all aspects of construction, ensuring no unexpected costs arise during the project.

The 360Builders Difference

We pride ourselves on delivering quality workmanship backed by exceptional customer service. Our commitment to safety and cost-effectiveness has earned us a reputation as a trusted general contractor in Northridge.

Sustainable Building Practices

In line with Northridge's commitment to sustainability, we incorporate environmentally friendly practices into our projects wherever possible. This includes using energy-efficient materials and optimizing designs for natural light and ventilation.

Respecting Neighborhood Aesthetics

We understand that each neighborhood in Northridge has its own unique character. We strive to respect this character in our designs while still giving your ADU a distinctive touch.

An Interesting Fact About Northridge

Did you knwo? The infamous 1994 earthquake epicenter was located right here in Northridge. However, the city has since been rebuilt stronger than ever, embodying resilience and community spirit.

Your Partner for New Construction in Northridge

If you're considering an ADU construction project in Northridge, trust in 360Builders’ expertise and dedication. We're ready to transform your vision into reality while ensuring a smooth and enjoyable process from start to finish.


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