When you find yourself in need of new construction services, particularly ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) construction within the historic neighborhoods of Greater Wilshire and Hancock Park, look no further. We are experts in creating cost-effective, safe, and innovative living spaces tailored to match your needs and aesthetics.

The Charm of Greater Wilshire / Hancock Park

Greater Wilshire / Hancock Park is one of Los Angeles' oldest and most culturally significant neighborhoods. From well-preserved historic homes to top-rated restaurants, it has a unique charm that attracts everyone from young professionals to retirees. Its accessibility to downtown LA, coupled with its tranquil residential vibe, makes it an ideal location for ADU construction.

A Brief History of Greater Wilshire / Hancock Park

The area's history dates back to the 1920s when it was first developed as a high-end residential district. It’s named after G. Allan Hancock, who donated the land that now forms Hancock Park proper. Notably, many of its homes have been featured in movies and TV shows due to their stunning architecture.

Our ADU Construction Services in Greater Wilshire / Hancock Park

  • Design & Planning: Our team collaborates closely with clients to design ADUs that seamlessly blend with their existing property while maximizing space functionality.
  • Construction: We handle everything from foundation laying to roof installation, ensuring every detail aligns with the approved design plans.
  • Project Management: We oversee all aspects of your ADU project, including permit acquisition, scheduling inspections, and coordinating subcontractors.

Innovation Meets Affordability

We understand that every budget is different. That's why our team works diligently to deliver top-quality results without unnecessary costs. By utilizing modern construction techniques and materials, we provide innovative solutions that save time and money without compromising on quality.

The Benefits of Constructing an ADU in Greater Wilshire / Hancock Park

An ADU provides a variety of benefits such as additional living space for family members or rental income opportunities. In a desirable area like Greater Wilshire / Hancock Park, these units can generate substantial returns due to high rental demand.

Rising Property Value

In addition to providing extra income, adding an ADU can significantly enhance your property's value. Given the neighborhood's prestigious


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