Steeped in the picturesque charm of Westlake Village, 360Builders provides unparalleled home renovation services. As your dedicated general contractor, we specialize in ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units), bringing a blend of style, comfort, and practicality to your living space.

A Brief Overview of Westlake Village

Nestled within the Santa Monica Mountains, Westlake Village is a tranquil city renowned for its beautiful landscapes and upscale residential areas. It's an idyllic locale that perfectly balances small-town charm with modern amenities. This captivating city is also home to an array of architecturally diverse homes, making it an ideal place for home renovations and ADUs.

Your Trusted General Contractor in Westlake Village

At 360Builders, we understand the unique architecture and lifestyle in Westlake Village. We're committed to providing top-quality home renovation services that respect the local aesthetic while infusing your personal style and needs. Our team of expert craftsmen is always ready to transform your vision into reality.

  • ADU Construction
  • Home Remodeling
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations
  • Additions and Expansions

Why Choose 360Builders for Your ADU?

We pride ourselves on delivering excellence at every stage of your project. From meticulous planning to seamless execution, our team ensures that every detail aligns with your vision and budget. We prioritize safety and cost-effectiveness, ensuring a smooth and stress-free renovation journey.

Adept at Navigating Local Regulations

We are well-versed in local zoning laws and building codes in Westlake Village. This knowledge allows us to guide you through the permit process and ensure compliance with all regulations for a hassle-free construction experience.

Fascinating Facts about Westlake Village

Beyond its residential appeal, did you know that Westlake Village has some intriguing historical roots? The city was once part of two Spanish land grants, Rancho El Conejo and Rancho Las Virgenes. Today, it's known for its thriving business community including prominent organizations like Dole Food Company.

Contact 360Builders Today!

If you're ready to embark on your home renovation journey with a trusted ADU builder in Westlake Village, reach out today! Call us at 1-818-275-9026 or visit our website at for more information or to schedule a consultation.

In the heart of Westlake Village, where city meets nature, let us help you create a living space that truly feels like home.


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