As an esteemed resident of Calabasas, you deserve only the best when it comes to renovating your home. That's where your trusted local general contractor, 360 Builders, comes into play. With an established reputation for delivering high-quality services in home renovations and ADU construction, we are here to bring your vision to life.

A Glimpse of Calabasas

Nestled within the hills of Santa Monica Mountains, Calabasas is a city famed not just for its celebrity residents but also its tranquil environment, lush landscapes, and rich history. The name 'Calabasas' is derived from the Spanish word 'Calabaza' meaning pumpkin or gourd. In fact, the city hosts an annual Pumpkin Festival to celebrate its namesake and heritage.

Why 360 Builders – Your Local ADU Builders in Calabasas?

Our team at 360 Builders understands the unique charm that homes in Calabasas possess. From Spanish-style architecture to modern minimalist designs, we've seen it all and built it all.

  • Experienced Professionals: Our team comprises seasoned professionals who have extensive experience in carrying out home renovations.
  • Quality Control: We prioritize quality above everything else. We utilize top-tier materials and advanced techniques to ensure each project's longevity and durability.
  • Safety Measures: Safety is a paramount concern at 360 Builders. We adhere strictly to building codes and safety regulations during all our operations.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We value our clients above all. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, which means we won't stop until you're satisfied with our work.

Your Journey with 360 Builders

From initial consultation to project completion, we strive to make your renovation journey as smooth as possible. At every step of the way, we provide expert advice and keep you informed about progress.

Detailed Consultation

To start off your project, we conduct a thorough consultation session where we understand your vision for your renovated space.

Design & Planning

Based on your needs and preferences, we design a plan that aligns with both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your home.

Construction Phase

We kick off the construction process once you approve our design plan. During this phase of work, we ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Project Completion & Review

After completing the project, we conduct a review session where you can share feedback regarding our service.

The Impact of a Renovated Home in Calabasas

A well-renovated home offers more than just an improved living space; it enhances property value too! Especially in a city like Calabasas where real estate prices are always on the rise. Whether you wish to rent out your renovated space or live in it yourself, with 360 Builders by your side – expect nothing less than extraordinary results!

Contact Your Local ADU Builders Today!

Ready for that much-needed home renovation? Contact us today at 1-818-275-9026 or visit our website As experienced ADU builders in Calabasass, we're committed to bringing you a seamless renovation experience! Remember, when it comes to renovating homes in Calabasass, trust none other than 360 Builders!


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