How to Transform Your Backyard to Bring In Extra Income

Is your backyard space sitting there unused? Are you wanting to make a little extra money without having to get a second job? If you answered yes to either of these questions, here at 360 Builders, our Los Angeles ADU contractors could show you how to transform your backyard space into a studio home.


One of the greatest things about our backyard studio design is it not only looks good, but it is also completely sustainable. The backyard studio designs we offer are designed to feel just like a home; we include space to sleep, play, eat, and work. These backyard studio designs come at an affordable price without cutting out comfort or style. 


Step One: Obtain a Free Consultation

The first thing you want to do is contact one of our Los Angeles ADU contractors at 360 builders. Explain to our ADU contractors what you are hoping to achieve, and then we can use our expertise to see if your home qualifies for an accessory dwelling unit. 

Step Two: Undergo a Multi-Point Home Inspection

Once our team determines your home qualifies, the next step is signing an agreement with 360 Builders. Once the agreement is in place, we will send out our inspector to look at your property. The inspector will conduct a thorough home inspection and provide a detailed report of anything they find. This inspection helps prevent unnecessary surprises during the construction phase. 

Step Three: Let 360 Builders Do the Work

Once the inspection is complete, 360 Builders is ready to move forward and start the construction process. This third step doesn’t require anything from the property owner. Our ADU contractors will obtain all the necessary permits so they can start transforming your backyard. Our team works quickly to help distribute your life as little as possible. Nobody likes the noise and mess that comes with construction, so we complete our projects in a matter of weeks. 

Step Four: Pick out Your Tenant

Once the construction process is completed on your backyard accessory dwelling unit, it is ready for somebody to move in. If you don’t already have a tenant lined up, we offer a list of tenants you can choose from. If using one of our prequalified applicants, we are also able to help assist you with managing the ADU. 

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