Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space with Interlocking Pavers

At 360Builders, we understand the importance of creating a beautiful outdoor space. This is why we are proud to offer our clients in Ventura, California and surrounding areas full-service installation services for interlocking pavers. From walkways and patios to backyard oases, our experienced team can help you create an outdoor space that you can be proud of.

What Are Interlocking Pavers?

Interlocking pavers are a type of paving material that is commonly used to make a variety of different paths, walkways, and patios. They are made up of small individual bricks or stones that are connected together using a unique interlocking system. This system is designed to lock the individual bricks together securely so that they will not move or come apart over time due to foot traffic or other elements.

Benefits of Installing Interlocking Pavers

There are many benefits to using interlocking pavers for your landscape design project. First and foremost, they provide an attractive and durable surface that will last for years without requiring frequent maintenance. The unique interlocking system also makes them flexible enough to accommodate any size or shape you desire for your outdoor space. Additionally, installing interlocking pavers can increase the value of your home by improving its curb appeal.

The Process Behind Installing Interlocking Pavers

When it comes to installing interlocking pavers, there is much more than meets the eye. It requires careful planning and precise execution in order to ensure long-lasting results. To begin the process, our team will first inspect the area where you want the pavers installed in order to determine if it is suitable for use with this type of pavement material. If it is deemed suitable, then we will begin excavating the soil in order to create a level surface for installation. Once this is done, we will lay down a bedding layer made up of gravel and sand before finally laying down each individual paver one at a time using our unique interlock system until your desired design has been achieved. Finally, we’ll compact everything down into place before adding any finishing touches such as edging or trimming as needed.


Why Choose 360Builders for Your Paver Installation?

At 360Builders, we strive to provide all of our clients with top-notch service from start to finish when it comes to their landscape design projects. Our experienced team has been providing Ventura County residents with paver installations since 2008 so you can rely on us for quality workmanship and peace of mind knowing that your project will be completed correctly the first time around! We also offer competitive pricing so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank in order to get your dream outdoor space built!


Get Started on Your Paver Installation Today!

If you’re ready to take advantage of all that interlocking pavers have to offer then don’t hesitate give us call at 360Builders today! Let us help you create an outdoor space that you can enjoy year after year without having worry about costly repairs or maintenance down the line!

360Builders is a Los Angeles based construction company specializing in new construction and multi-family ADUs. We pride ourselves on providing safe, cost-effective solutions to all our customers’ construction needs.


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