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Complex Renovations Require the Best Contractors in Los Angeles

Before you can begin your quest for the best contractors in Los Angeles, you must first determine just how complicated your renovations will be. The complexity of the project is how you choose the best type of contractor for the job. Before going any further, determine if you are doing a remodel or a renovation; while these terms are often interchangeable, they are quite different. At 360Builders as one of the best contractors in Los Angeles, we handle all types of construction including Soft Story Retrofitting and Multi-Family Home Construction. Feel free to reach out to us anytime and we are always there to help you with any project and any questions you may have.

A remodel is best described as changing the structure of something, while a renovation is described as fixing something similar to its original state. Replacing cabinets, toilets, tubs, showers, etc. is an example of a remodel. Painting walls or fixing tile in the shower or on the floor is considered a renovation. In most cases, renovations aren’t as complicated as remodels and can often be done by a handyman. But when it comes to complex multi-unit renovations, you want the best contractors rather than handymen.

Tips on Finding the Best Contractors in Los Angeles

When finding the best contractors for complex renovations, the focus of you as an apartment manager or a building manager is on the actual proposal and the company’s reputation. The total cost will come up, and while it might be tempting to select your contractor from that, it’s not the way to find the best contractors for a complex renovation. In many cases, these cheaper companies cut corners, and the contract ends up costing more, in the long run, to make things right.

Instead of using price as a factor, focus on these four questions and pay close attention to the answers.

1. Is the Contractor Certified, Licensed, and Insured?

The correct license and certification a contractor need to have will vary depending on the exact project. Before hiring any contractor for a complex renovation job, look them up and verify their license is valid. Use the Contractor’s State License Board website for fast and accurate results. Once you know their license is valid, check their insurance status. Every valid license will include the workers’ compensation and bond insurance information.

2. Do they have References?

References are crucial to have as a contractor. Not only do you want to see a list of references, but you also want to call and talk with them. In talking with others who have used the contractor, you will understand how they work, including completing projects on time, cleaning up after themselves, and all those other little things not included on a company’s website marketing materials.

3. Is their Portfolio Varied?

Portfolios are one of the most critical things a contractor can have and show. A portfolio is made up of photos and other important information from projects they have previously completed. Varied portfolios will include different kinds of remodeling projects and various renovations on several types of property. The more varied the portfolio, the more well-rounded the contractor is.

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If you are looking for someone specializing in specific projects, the variety in a portfolio isn’t as important. In these cases, you only want to see pictures and read the information on the particular type of work you are wanting done. For a complex apartment renovation, you want a contractor with a lot of construction experience in apartment designs rather than just bathroom remodels or whole house building.

4. Do they Adhere to their Mission Statement?

Honesty is an important factor to consider when choosing a contractor. Always look at a contractor’s mission statement to ensure it aligns with the contractor’s values and actions. Look for community involvement, stewardship, and charity work as a way to help you gauge their morals and values. These activities go a long way in showing that the companies values and reputation in the community are a prominent part of their business.

Final Thoughts on the Best Contractors in Los Angeles

To find the best contractors in Los Angeles for any complex apartment renovations, you must do your due diligence. Never pick the contractor using the lowest bid, no matter how much money you want to save. Be prepared to go through several different proposals and make sure you do your homework.

Check their licensing, insurance, and certifications and dismiss anybody who doesn’t check out to your satisfaction. To complete your complex renovations, you want the best and most reputable contractor around. Our 360Builders team is available to answer any questions you may have and looks forward to providing you with an estimate on any upcoming project.

360Builders is a Los Angeles based construction company specializing in new construction and multi-family ADUs. We pride ourselves on providing safe, cost-effective solutions to all our customers’ construction needs.


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