ADU Construction in Los Angeles: How to Increase Your Property Value and Create a Home Office

As a homeowner in Los Angeles, you may be considering an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) to increase your property value, create a home office, or even provide extra living space for family or friends. At 360Builders, we understand the importance of building the right ADU for your needs while still creating an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest standards available today in the building industry and will take your project from initial planning stages to final completion and inspection. 

The Benefits of Adding an ADU

Adding an ADU has many benefits, especially when it comes to increasing the value of your property. An ADU can provide extra living space for family members or tenants without requiring you to move out of your current residence. It can also be used as a private office space that is separate from the rest of your home. Additionally, it can serve as a source of rental income if you decide to rent out the unit. 

Furthermore, having an ADU on your property can also help improve energy efficiency and reduce utility costs by utilizing energy-efficient systems such as solar panels or LED lighting. This can not only help save money but also benefit the environment by reducing emissions and conserving natural resources. 

What You Need To Know About Building An ADU

When it comes to constructing an ADU in Los Angeles, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration before beginning any work. It is important that you have a clear plan of what type of structure you want and where it should go on your property so that all necessary permits and approvals can be obtained from local authorities before starting construction. Additionally, if nearby neighbors will be affected by the construction process, their input should also be taken into account prior to beginning work. 

The size of an ADU is also something that needs careful consideration when planning out its construction in Los Angeles. You should think about how much space you need for whichever purpose you intend on using it for; whether that’s additional living quarters or a private office space. Furthermore, depending on where you live in Los Angeles County there may be certain restrictions on how large you can build your unit due to zoning regulations so make sure to check with local authorities before making any decisions regarding size or location. 

Choosing The Right Building Company For Your Project  

When selecting a building company for your project, it’s important that they have experience with constructing similar projects in order ensure quality results and efficient completion timescales. At 360Builders we take pride in our ability to deliver high-quality projects within competitive timelines whilst maintaining excellent customer service throughout every step of the process – from initial consultation through final inspection and completion – we will keep you informed every step of the way so that you have complete confidence in our workmanship at all times.  

How We Can Help  

At 360Builders we are proud to offer our clients tailored services designed specifically around their individual needs when it comes to constructing their accessory dwelling unit(s). Our team consists of experienced professionals who are able to provide guidance throughout every stage of the project – from concept design through completion – ensuring that each unit meets all safety regulations as well as meeting aesthetic requirements which helps maximize both quality and value within each project undertaken by us here at 360Builders. Our team will work closely with local authorities throughout each stage ensuring compliance with all applicable laws which allows us guarantee successful completion timescales within competitive budgets tailored around client needs & requirements at all times – no matter what size or complexity required for each new project undertaken here at 360Builders!  


Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is one way homeowners in Los Angeles can increase property value while creating additional living quarters or private office space without having move out their current residence – depending upon local zoning regulations size restrictions may apply so please consult with local authorities prior making any decisions regarding size & location prior commencing works! When choosing a building company for this type of project experience is key ensure quality results & efficient completion timescales – here at 360 Builders our team consists experienced professionals who able provide guidance every stage ensuring both safety & aesthetic requirements met maximising quality & value every time!

360Builders is a Los Angeles based construction company specializing in new construction and multi-family ADUs. We pride ourselves on providing safe, cost-effective solutions to all our customers’ construction needs.


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