Accessory Dwelling Units – What They Are and What Are They Used For?

While a reputable Los Angeles ADU contractor can explain what an accessory dwelling unknit is and what it is used for, it’s better to know this information beforehand. To put it simply, an accessory dwelling unit often referred to as an ADU is a secondary living space built on the same property as your primary residence. An ADU is often seen as a separate living space from the principal residence; it is meant to have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other living areas. Accessory dwelling units are often built as an addition to your existing residence. Still, they can be built as an addition to the property or as a new structure on the property.

Now that you know what they are let’s talk about what they are used for. ADUs serve many different purposes, depending on what the homeowner is after. Some homeowners use ADUs as a rental property; others use them to house their elderly family members. Accessory dwelling units can also be used as a home office or guest housing. As the construction process for adding an ADU to your primary residence isn’t cut and dry, it’s essential to hire only the best Los Angeles ADU contractor to ensure the entire process is done correctly.

Will ADUs Increase My Property Value?

As with any kind of home renovation project, homeowners want to know if the project will add value to their property. For those of you considering adding an ADU to your residential property, the good news is it can significantly increase its value, but it has to be done right.

Property owners who plan to use their ADU as an extra rental property benefit from more than just an increase in overall property value. By adding an ADU to your property, you are increasing that home’s market value. Homeowners who use their ADUs as short-term or vacation rentals reap the benefits from the additional income immediately. If they decide to sell it at some point down the road, these rentals’ extra revenue adds to the home’s resale value.

What Kind of Accessory Dwelling Units Can I Add to My Property?

If you decide to upgrade your home or property through an ADU addition, you might be wondering what kind of design options you have. The easy answer is that you can choose several designs based on what you are hoping to accomplish with your ADU. The most popular construction design choices for ADUs are second-floor conversions, detached additions, and attached additions.

Converted Garage

Converting your garage into an ADU is a great example of an attached construction design. When construction is designed and carried out with an experienced ADU contractor, the garage conversion is simply an extension of the original home rather than a separate home. It is an excellent choice for those looking to create a separate living area for family members or even a home office.

Converting your existing garage isn’t just limited to using one level. An experienced ADU contractor knows you can use a two-level floor plan to fully convert a garage into an ADU. The lower level of the plan is ideal for main living areas, such as the kitchen and living rooms. The second level can then be used for bedrooms and bathrooms.


When designed correctly with a Los Angeles ADU contractor’s help, a cottage creates an attached or detached outside living area for your property. Most people think of cottages as a detached living area, but they can also be attached to your primary residence. Enhance your cottage and surrounding landscape by adding an outdoor kitchen and fireplace along with the perfect patio for entertaining guests outdoors.

Importance of Hiring an ADU Contractor

If you are even just considering adding a fully-functioning ADU to your primary residence, you want to enlist the help of an experienced Los Angeles ADU contractor, like 360 Builders. Using a professional ADU contractor from the beginning is vital as it ensures the project is completed successfully with minor hiccups. ADU contractors help with the build’s cost-effectiveness. Still, they can also help with the city permit and approval process and put together the best team for the build, which includes hiring an architect.

An experienced architect does more than just make sure the plans are aesthetically pleasing. They are responsible for designing accurate blueprints necessary when getting your ADU approved by the city. Not using an ADU contractor means more risks associated with the build. In some cases, it can cause delays in the construction timeline, denial of much-needed permits, among many other things. Accurate blueprints provide the detail needed for contractors to get the job done in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Conclusion: Adding an ADU is a Good Investment

For those on the fence about using an ADU contractor, like 360 Builders, to add an ADU to your primary residence, we are here to tell you it’s an excellent investment and something you should move forward with. Property values in Los Angeles are already high; adding an ADU to your property will only increase its value. Yes, you will have upfront costs when building your ADU, but with the income you make from the rental, your return on your investment is well worth it.

360Builders is a Los Angeles based construction company specializing in new construction and multi-family ADUs. We pride ourselves on providing safe, cost-effective solutions to all our customers’ construction needs.


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