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ADU Contractors in Hollywood, CA

360 Builders is a Los Angeles based construction company that takes pride in providing safe, cost-effective solutions to all our customers’ construction needs. When our client in Hollywood, CA needed an ADU contractor, they knew they could count on us to deliver.

The client’s original ADU contractor had let them down, so they came to us for help. The project was already underway and there were some major challenges that needed to be addressed. The biggest issue was the safety of the workers and the public. The original contractor had not taken any safety precautions, which put everyone at risk.

In addition to the safety concerns, the project was also behind schedule and over budget. The client was understandably frustrated and needed someone they could trust to get the job done right.

We were able to step in and take control of the situation. We immediately addressed the safety concerns and got the project back on track. We were able to save the client money and finished the project ahead of schedule. The client was very pleased with the results and would definitely recommend us to others.

If you need an ADU contractor in Hollywood, CA, call 360 Builders. We’re experts in this field and we’ll get the job done right, on time and on budget.


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