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ADU Contractor in La Crescenta CA

The main service our company provides is ADU construction. In fact we are a leading ADU Contractor in La Crescenta CA. A lot of people have been asking about the new trend of ADU construction, so we figured we would explain what it entails. ADUs (accessory dwelling units) are an additional unit on your property that is built in a different location than the primary residence. This is also called a “granny flat.” The ADU can be in the backyard, in the basement, or even in the garage. It can be a duplex or a triplex, and is typically smaller than your main house.

People use ADUs for many reasons:

-An ADU is a good way to add more space to your property if you don’t want to buy more land.

-They are often used by retirees who need extra space for themselves and their grandchildren.

-Some people will rent their ADU in order to generate income and help pay for their mortgage.

-Some people will use their ADU as a home office or craft room.

The benefits of building an ADU include:

-It can provide an extra source of income if rented out.

-It’s an easy way to add more space without having to buy more property.

-It’s an easy way to add more value to your property if it’s rented out or occupied by family members.

-It can be easier and less expensive than building an entirely new home on your property (especially if you’re not building it on your main lot).

If you’re thinking about building an ADU, please contact 360 Builders, your ADU Contractor in La Crescenta CA. 


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