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Granny flat, guest house, backyard home, carriage house, in-law unit – these are all different terms for an ADU. ADUs can be attached or detached from the main house and are a separate living unit, complete with its own entrance, living, kitchen and sleeping areas.

Due to the short supply and high cost of housing in many cities throughout California, the state recently enacted legislation that promotes the construction of ADUs, and requires cities and municipalities to make it easier for homeowners to build ADUs on their properties. An ADUs can expand your living space by up to 1200 square feet.

360Builders has joined the effort to increase awareness and knowledge of the ADU opportunity.


ADUs can serve many different purposes:

Rental Income

Owning an ADU is an excellent source for additional income. Building an ADU in unused or underutilized yard space can provide additional income. The addition of an ADU increases the value of your property, and can bring future appreciation. 

Young Adults

A new ADU can be the perfect way for a young adult child to get a start on their independent or professional lives. An ADU gives them their own space and an opportunity to save money for the future.

Guest House

The ADU can function as a guest house for visiting relatives and friends. When you have no visitors, it can serve as flexible space, a studio, a home office, etc.

Elderly Parents

Be closer to family by creating a home for an elderly parent in your  new ADU. This will bring them closer to their family while still maintaining their privacy.

Aging in Place

An ADU can be used to accommodate retirement housing needs, so that homeowners can age comfortably in place. This frees up the front house, which can be rented out for additional income, or used to move in family– true multi-generational housing.

Switching Functions

Your ADU can change and adapt with your needs. Your rental unit could later become a place for your kids to live independently, a home for your parents, or your own home for retirement next to family, friends and the community you’ve grown accustomed to. Your ADU can be a versatile solution.

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