A Patio Installation Made Their Outdoor Living Area Complete!

Everyone loves to spend time outside, but what if you had a beautiful outdoor living space? Wouldn’t that make it even better? We can help you create the perfect outdoor living space for your home.

We specialize in patio installation and all other aspects of outdoor living. Our company has years of experience installing patios with custom features like fire pits, barbecues, grills, and more! If you’re ready to take your backyard from dull to dazzling contact us today.  

360builders company that specializes in hardscape and structures as well as landscape design and installation. We had a customer with an issue on their property where they were collecting dirt from the surrounding environment and it was becoming discolored. The problem also made their home entrance look dull. In order to fix this we suggested we create a new patio installation for them so that they could enjoy the outdoors while still being able to have amazing customer service since people would be coming up to their front walkway more often given how simple yet eye-catching it became after our work was completed. Our team of contractors is happy to say that we did just that because not only does it look like there is less dirt around but we created a patio installation that would stand out and be low cost given how we do our work.

We helped make their outdoor living area complete with an incredible patio installation. From there we also did landscaping design and installation. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the outdoors like they’re meant to.


Los Angeles, CA, USA
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